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Meet ECI

ECI began servicing the environmental needs of the regulated community in 1995 and was incorporated in Virginia in 1996. Our primary focus is any and all things related to regulated petroleum storage tanks, but we also provide a number of other environmental services. We are located in Ashland, Virginia, just north of the state capital of Richmond, and we cover the greater Central Virginia area to the Blue Ridge to the west, to northern Virginia, to the Virginia Beach area to the east, and to Southside Virginia along the North Carolina border

Reports submitted to regulatory agencies or banks include Petroleum Storage Tank Closure Reports, Release Confirmation Reports, Initial Abatement Measures Reports, Site Characterization Reports, Corrective Action Plans, Groundwater Monitoring Reports, Phase I Environmental Assessment Reports (check out our section on Environmental Assessment Reports to see why we have rarely needed to do Phase II and III ESAs), Voluntary Remediation Program reports, Ground Penetrating Radar studies, Oil Discharge Contingency Plans (DEQ), Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans (EPA), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP/SW3P), Wetland Delineation Reports, and Site Closure Reports.

ECI concentrates on the environmental assessment and cleanup aspects of a site, so we use subcontractors for services such as excavation and tank removal. Our coordination with these providers allows us to minimize your costs and to maximize reimbursability from the DEQ petroleum storage tank fund, whenever possible.

Unlike your attorney, who will bill you in 15-minute increments every time you have a question, we consider helping you with routine questions and forms as part of our other services that we are providing for you.

Bob Baird, Manager of Consulting Services at ECI, holds a BS and MS degree in Geology from the University of Kentucky, after which he worked for Mobil Exploration and Producing Services, Inc. in Dallas, Texas and at the Mobil California division production office in Denver, Colorado. He later received a Ph.D. in Geology from Virginia Tech. Bob was appointed by the governor and served two terms on the Virginia State Board for Geology, and is now a Member-at-Large and Subject Matter Expert for the National Association of State Boards of Geology, which develops the tests for licensing of geologists in 30 member states and Puerto Rico. He is a former elected Director on the Henricopolis Soil & Water Conservation District Board. He worked at the Virginia DEQ in the Leaking Underground Storage Tank program and assisted with development of guidance for the Petroleum Program.

Why You Will Want to CALL ECI TODAY

1. ECI is your advocate when dealing with the DEQ. Our goal is to get you to case closure as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will work with the DEQ to obtain the minimum acceptable level of site work necessary to accomplish this.

2. ECI won’t mobilize simply because you call. We will first analyze your needs to determine whether you need the requested work done at all!

3. ECI makes site recommendations on the basis of risk. If there is little or no human or environmental threat posed by a site, we recommend case closure.

4. ECI works to make sure that as much site work as possible will be covered under the DEQ cleanup assistance fund before substantial site work is done.

5. ECI endeavors to overlap as many regulatory requirements as possible each time site work is done. (For example, removing tanks when contaminated soils are excavated, or placing monitoring wells for an investigation so they can later be used for release detection.)

6. It is ECI’s policy to avoid, if at all possible, the use of change orders. Since founding in 1995, ECI has never used a change order on a job.

7. ECI has staff with PG/professional registration with the states of Virginia and North Carolina, along with qualified technical personnel.

8. ECI works beforehand with DEQ on the scope of work to ensure that our reports are complete before submittal to the DEQ.

9. ECI can do the job without requiring a lot of your time helping us. That’s what you use us for. Most of the time, you won’t even know we’re there!

CALL ECI TODAY if you (or someone you know) need assistance with:

• Leaking Petroleum Storage Tanks
• State Reimbursement for Your Cleanup
• Phase I, II, III Environmental Site Assessments
• Ground Penetrating Radar Studies
• Stormwater Management Plans & Permits
• Voluntary Remediation Program for Non-Petroleum Sites
• Oil Discharge Contingency Plans & Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans